Our Plan

  • Administration Building (with Health Services Area)

  • Classrooms

  • Staff Housing

  • Library (Computer Lab and Prayer Chapel)

  • Sports Facilities (Basketball Courts, Track and Field Physical Education Offices and a Training Room)

Plans for Building HOPE in Tanzania include an expansion of the current campus in order to most effectively serve our students. Currently, even when using creative class schedule rotations, teachers find it difficult to secure available classrooms and physical education playing surfaces. In addition, the administrative staff has outgrown the main office, necessitating the remodeling of three storage structures into temporary offices.

With this in mind, plans include the construction of a much needed administration building with a health services area, additional classrooms to enhance the overall learning environment, housing to comfortably serve our faculty and staff, a library with a computer lab and prayer chapel and sports facilities which include basketball courts, track and field, physical education offices and a training room.